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Marketing and Management Consulting is a union of management consulting, marketing, finance and accounting specialists with an aim to provide the highest level of professional services to the clients.

Our services and consultations are aimed at solution of a wide range of problems covering major functions of a company:

Strategic development of a company

  • Evaluation of competitive capacity;

  • Development of corporate strategy;

  • Formation of optimal business model of the company;

  • Development of crisis management programs;

  • Research of possibilities of company diversification and establishment of new business units;

  • Restructuring of the company by establishment of new business units;

  • Business evaluation.

Organizational development

  • Introduction of project management in the company;

  • Assessment of effectiveness of structural units and solutions of their optimization;

  • International quality management system establishment and introduction according to ISO 9001:2000 standard;

  • Environment management system establishment and introduction according to ISO 14001 standard.

Finance management solutions

  • Analysis of financial condition of the company and elaboration of solutions for finance management improvements;

  • Cash-flow improvement solutions;

  • Introduction of budget management system in the company;

  • Introduction of effective management and accounting system in the company;

  • Investment projections and analysis of investment policy of the company;

  • Drafting and expertise of business plans;

  • Bookkeeping services – maintenance of bookkeeping for small and medium companies.

Marketing management solutions

  • System analysis of marketing activities and elaboration of suggestions for their improvement;

  • Introduction of strategic marketing planning system in the company;

  • Elaboration of marketing programs for promotion of company’s products;

  • Elaboration of complex activities for increase of company’s sales.


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